Cha Sha


Our Story

Cha Sha is a story of a foodie who realized the importance of chai to this wonderful world. Chai is renowned for its numerous health benefits which include boosting heart health, improving digestion, increasing energy and alertness and reducing inflammation. The team behind our concept left no stone unturned in bringing you our perfect tea blends, delicious Southern Asian Street food and decadent cakes and sweets at the UK’s first Chai inspired cafes.

We are a one stop destination to satisfy your tea cravings. Our lively, comfortable, themed and sparkling stores are the perfect way to enjoy spending time with friends and family over our finest cup of tea, or 2.

With spacious and lively outdoor seating and a warm and cosy indoor tea bar, there is enough space for everyone. Our menu includes a range of CHAI to cater to all tastes and preferences along and a choices of mouth watering street food snacks.

We look forward to serving you and your family soon.

Desi Breakfast

Seasoned Loaded Fries

Karachi Club Sandwich​

Matka Chai

Pizza Paratha

Special Hot Chocolate

Karachi Club Sandwich

Special Hot Chocolate