About Us

Food is the biggest source of entertainment worldwide. No matter what the occasion may be, we always celebrate it with a nice meal or a mouthwatering drink. As a foodie at heart, our passion is to travel the world and try all the different cuisines out there.

London is known for its diversity of the many cultures it hold. However, the one thing that we found common in all of us is the love for tea. Be it a delightful British high tea or a thick and concentrated blend we call Chai.

The complexities of tea are endless; from the appearance of the leaves, the aroma, the liquor, to the flavor, it sometimes seems as though there are hardly enough words to describe the nuances you’re experiencing.

lot can happen over a cup of tearelations are built, business deals are doneetc. Tea brings warmth and joy to the heart. On search of the perfect teawe discovered there is no such thing as a perfect cup of tea, as it varies from person to person and region-to-region, so what we are trying here is to bring you a good and bordering great cup of tea.

With our own blend that we created by mixing leaves from the sky-high tea plantations in Assam, the aromatic tea from Kenya, the tasteful leaves from Sri Lanka, and the colorful leaves from Indonesia. We also mixed up different methods of tea making, from turkey to India to Iran and of course the Arabic and Chinese teas with all their beneficial properties.

Our tea is completely natural, as are our cups made of natural clay, The earth is rich in various vitamins and minerals. The earthen pots have the same properties the earth consists of. Our ancestors were aware of these qualities, which is why they swore by these clay pots. Even now some households follow this ritual, and prefer cooking and eating from clays vessels. the benefits of using clay cups include better metabolism, improved digestion, prevents sunstrokes, and even treats a bad throat. Isn’t that what we all need?

Thankfully ChaSha is here to take care of all your tea cravings. We’re here to give you the perfect blend with the impeccable texture and a succulent flavor, which will make you come back again.